Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness  
that creates lasting freedom. 
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There is more right with you than wrong with you. 
Investing in yourself is the biggest investment you can make! 
Effective Counselling and Psychotherapy in Stroud. 
Mindfulness is a life skill which can deepen our sense of well-being and fulfillment. 
Knowing there is a choice is the first step to change 

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Consultancy in Stroud 
Skype and phone sessions available nationwide 

Hello, my name is Alys, a very warm welcome to my website.  
I offer a confidential counselling service in a relaxed, private, environment in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and Skype sessions available Nationwide, which sometimes works better for those outside the area, or who prefer this form of counselling. 
My role as a counsellor is to put you, the client, at the centre of our work together. You will receive a therapeutic relationship full of warmth, gentleness, honesty and a genuine commitment of understanding you. I am not here to “fix” you, to feel, or do the work for you, I am here to travel alongside you and support you totally in your personal journey, with kindness and a gentle, yet powerful approach. I take pride in being able to quickly get to the core of the issues, understanding what has created the wounds and how healing can be facilitated. I would say i have the ability to creatively unlock people's potential, working intuitively and with great care and compassion 
I am an Accredited Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, ensuring the highest degree of ethical practice. 
With Psychotherapy and Counselling you can work though issues that are stopping you from feeling secure in your life. Simply having the opportunity to speak about things that concern you, openly and safely, some of which you may have 'bottled up' for years can be a great relief. My Consultancy in Stroud provides you with a safe, supportive and confidential environment from which to explore any concerns or issues which affect you in your day to day life. You will receive support while making sense of your life in a way that leads to a renewed sense of hope, and of course the same is true with Skype counselling. 
My approach to counselling incorporates Mindfulness which means it focuses on the present moment, non-judgemental awareness. Bringing a Mindful approach and friendly curiosity I help to encourage others to begin to adopt similar attitudes towards themselves. If we can cultivate awareness, compassion and friendliness firstly towards ourselves we will begin to see ourselves much more clearly which provides us with a clearer perspective on any difficulties and possible ways forward. 
If we were no longer in judgement of oursleves, would there be a problem? 

Do I Need Counselling? 

Would it be helpful to talk about what's troubling you, in a safe and supportive atmosphere? 
Do you feel a need to make sense of what is happening in your life right now? 
Would it help to have a better understanding of yourself and others? 
Do you want to find ways to feel better about yourself and to move forward? 
Do you find yourself thinking the same things over and over again and can’t find the off button for thinking! Then mindfulness is the off button for you! 

The Counselling Process 

The Counselling process supports you in exploring and reflecting on whatever is troubling you.  
A commitment to counselling & psychotherapy is an act of love for yourself and all that you can be. As an experienced therapist I offer a caring and creative space in which to find a way through periods of anxiety, depression or uncertainty. Together we will develop the emotional resources needed to restore value, purpose and vitality to your relationships, work and hopes for life. I believe that our suffering has meaning and that if we feel inner disturbances its often because essential aspects and patterns within ourselves are calling to be healed or expressed. I have great faith (born of experience) in the power of the human spirit to overcome (and grow through) periods of crisis. 
At the heart of my work is the strong belief that we can change, which is based on my own positive experience of psychotherapy. The journey can be challenging at times but it can also be hugely rewarding, uplifting and ultimately life changing. Have you ever noticed that most great changes are preceded by some sort of chaos. 

Adapted To You 

Psychotherapy and Counselling can be a short or long term investment in yourself. When you visit me I will assess you and adapt your counselling to your requirements.  
The aim of psychotherapy and Counselling is always an improved quality of life and relationships. It can be as much about celebrating your strengths and aspirations as facing painful experiences, and it always takes place at a pace that provides safety and connection for you. Psychotherapy and Counselling can be incredibly empowering, inspiring personal growth and change, enabling you to make the most of your life and cope better with life's inevitable difficulties. The process offers a chance to gain more understanding of ourselves, thus taking back more control in our lives. 
Through the work that we do, you will learn to recognise the patterns and behaviour which are limiting you, gain tools and resources to change these, turning negatives into positives and entering into a rich, more loving authentic relationship with yourself and others with a lot more awareness; 
Awareness is choice, and choice is freedom. 
'' The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood the best way to understand people is to listen to them'' Ralph Nichols 

About Me 

I, Alys Glover, specialise in personal development and change, helping people achieve emotional freedom through treating stress, anxiety, depression, emotional issues, trauma and assisting people to access the greatest potential of who they are. I take pride in being able to quickly get to the core of the issues, understanding what has created the wounds and how healing can be facilitated. I would say i have the ability to creatively unlock people's potential, working intuitively and with great care and compassion. 

I can help you with 

* Anxiety  
* Depression 
* Stress 
* Relationship issues 
* Sexual issues 
* Emotional trauma 
* Ancestral patterning 
* Abuse 
* Times of conflict and change 
* Lack of confidence and low self-esteem 
* Personal development 
* Clarity in life changing decisions 
* Grief, bereavement, loss and separation. 
I build on Clients strengths, as well as getting to the core of the issue. Clients report that their therapy effectively addresses their concerns and issues, whilst gaining greater self-awareness, and a clear understanding of themselves and their situations, and the ability to make real positive change in all areas of their lives. 
Mindfulness counselling helps you see your life differently, change unhelpful patterns & experience more choice. 
Alys offers powerful change techniques, having worked and trained in the field of Emotional Health and transformational healing for over 20 years. These can help with many things such as: 
Relationship & Sexual issues 
Anger and Rage 
Social Anxiety 
Fears & Phobias 
Mental & Physical Abuse 
Eating Disorders 
Anxiety & Panic Attacks 
Childhood abuse 
Emotional Trauma 
Sexual Abuse 
Grief & Loss 
Family issues 
Personal Development 
Investing in yourself is the biggest investment you can make! 
Contact Alys Now with any questions or enquiries you may have. 
Tel: 01453 763463 
Mob: 07903 667251 
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