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Transformational Counselling 

What is Transformational Counselling 
Combining traditional and alternative approaches, Transformational Counselling is a Spirit-centered approach to Psychotherapy that supports the dynamic, multisensory development of a soul consciousness. Transformational Counselling helps clients to create a direct connection to the higher self as a means of healing the past and establishing a greater sense of truth, compassion, joy and presence in their lives. 
Transformational Counselling makes use of a variety of traditional and complementary modalities to bring each client into balance and purpose, including: Talk therapy, cognitive restructuring, clearing ancestral patterning, guided visualisation, shamanic illuminations, past-life regression, soul retrieval, energy clearing/healing, colour therapy, body work, Light language, intuative guidance, Crystal healing, angel therapy, inner child work and connecting to our higher selves. 
Through Transformational Counselling, clients learn to turn negatives into positives, relase self critisism, transend destructive patternsand enter into a richer more loving authentic relationship with themselves and others. 
When is Transformational Counselling most helpful? 
Times of Trauma, change and loss: 
The most painful periods in our lives - the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, serious illness, physical or sexual violence - Often coincide with our most intense connections with Spirit. During those times when we are most vulnerable, we are also most open to the wisdom of our souls. Clearing space in our lives to listen and recieve messages of hope and compassion amid the pain is an act of self-love that can enhance recovery by connecting us to the strength of our own higher powers of healing and understanding. 
Times of discouragement and doubt: 
We all experience periods of negativity, self doubt and disharmony, whether through Marital discourd, job stress difficulty in reletionships or other life challenges. Becoming more aware of and connected to the strength of our authentic selves is often the first step toward positive change. 
Times when we want to make changes: 
Disconnection from the authenticity is the root cause of individual unhappiness and can be expereinced as pervasive restlessness, the sense of being incomplete or 'different', feeling isolated, lonely, unsure of purpose, anxious or mildly depressed. These seemingly negative symptoms can in fact be understood as the positive stirrings of the spiritual impulse, inviting us to disciver ways to reestablish meaningful connection to the higher self in order to heal and trancend negative issues. 
Ancestral patterning Healing 
The importance of our ancestral patterns and their effect on our lives is often overlooked within the dynamic of our lives.Traumas within past  
generations can and do effect the lives of the living relatives. Many emotional and psychological problems can stem from ancestral pattern that track  
down through the generations and an important part of the healing process involves accessing and clearing negative family influences. 
Families are our greatest indicators of where the bulk of our soul lessons resides. Our past is a huge part of our story, in order to learn from our soul  
lessons and create a new story we must embrace the past without avoiding it, denying it, placing judgement or blame on it. our soul and higherself  
carefully chose the family line that would give us the greatest opportunity for soul growth. Our families show us the very things we need to own, heal  
and learn from.If these lessons aren't learned, families find themselves revolving in a vicious cycle of disharmony. It takes a great strength and  
perseverance for a soul to pull themsleves out of this chaotic, toxic energy so they can view the situation from a higher perspective, learn the lessons and  
begin to heal. This type of chaos can also be a catalyst to move a soul forward into transformation. Tremendous soul advancement is made when a being  
is able to move into their feelings, emotions and pain from their family and strive to release all blame, resentment, anger and hatred. 
Once our soul lessons are learned and we choose to heal and move into a place of unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion our vibration will  
begin to rise rapidly. As we rise in vibration ALL of our relationships will change because we are changing. Some of our relationships will rise in vibration  
with us and some relationships we may have to let go of. This can be one of the most empowering and freeing things we can do for ourselves, as well as,  
one of the most difficult. It is not healthy for anyone to artificially sustain an unhealthy relationship. Once we raise our vibrations, we will naturally want  
to surround ourselves with realtionships that are based in the new energy of love, compassion, joy, acceptance and peace. Lower vibrating relationships  
cannot be brought up into a new space of higher vibrating energy unless each person is willing to accept responsibility for their own healing.  
Unfortunately, many people will resist this process because they will have to connect with their heart, their feeling center. This can be a very difficult task  
because we oftentimes avoid acknowladging our true feelings and emotions, keeping ourselves in denial, which will block us from accessing the higher  
vibrations. Many souls are not ready for a breakthrough and are not ready to release the pain and suffering in their hearts. they will choose to hold onto  
their pain beacuse they live in fear of accessing those parts of themselves they have disowned and rejected for so long. 
The level of desire and willingness to change and look within ourselevs will determine how quickly we will shift, master our lessons and raise our  
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