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Paradise is not a place, its a state of consciousness. 
Being Mindful, we let go of struggle and simply allow things to be as they are. 
Sometimes Mindfulness is described as seeing clearly. 
Mindfulness helps you see life differently, change unhelpful patterns and expereince more choice. 
Mindfulness is “arriving at our own door”, being in touch with ourselves, with others and our surroundings in the present moment 

Mindfulness Courses and workshops  

Matrix Reimprinting is a brand new Meridian Energy Therapy that everybody is talking about. Matrix Reimprinting draws upon the findings of quantum physics and the New Sciences, recognizing that we are all connected by a unified energy field.  
It also draws upon the findings of cutting-edge and popular scientists such as DR Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake, and combines these with modern Psychological theories and research. 
Created by EFT master, Karl Dawson, this energy Psychology Technique allows you not only to take the negative emotions out of your past memories, but you also get to re-write them into ones which support you, so it's never too late to have a happy childhood! 
EFT is used with Matrix Reimprinting to heal and change your relationship to your past, which dramatically transforms your physical and emotional health in the present. 
The traditional EFT Movie Technique is a powerful means to release what has happened to us in the past. Matrix Reimprinting takes this a step further by enabling you to interact with yourself at the time of the traumatic event and release the emotions and change the memory to a more positive one. 
Whilst working in the Matrix it is possible to bring resources and support that were not originally available making it a quick and very effective way to resolve trauma bringing about profound change in the present day. 
These memories, trapped in the past are held in the ‘field’, and we call them ECHO’S (Energy Consciousness Holograms) When trauma occurs, energetically speaking, part of our neurology ‘Splits off’ in order to isolate traumatic events, that were painful to the conscious mind. Unfortunately, the problem is we subconsciously spend our lives listening to these inner children (ECHO’S) and their mistaken beliefs and perceptions. 
These inner children (ECHO”S) are locked in space and time. It doesn’t matter how long after the traumatic event you work with them; be it a day, a month, or 30+ years later. In the energy system, they are still 3 years old (a baby in utero, 2yrs, 8yrs, 15 yrs.) Subconsciously, these memories are current events, still happening in the person’s life. For example: When trauma happens, feelings are often ‘frozen’ and cannot be resolved at the time. Energetically speaking that part of them ‘splits off’, however often that ECHO trauma ‘leaks’ back into our current lives, creating a lot of emotional charge and anxiety. 
This explains why sometimes we get triggered by specific things or people that remind us of the event that caused the ECHO to ‘split off’ in the first place. 
These negative past memories/feelings keep us in Emotional disruption and the body in a state of stress, thus, functioning form the Sympathetic nervous system, which in turn jeopardizes our health. However the great news is with Matrix Reimprinting the memory can actually be transformed; creating both physical and emotional healing. 
When there is no longer stress, the body can switch off the sympathetic nervous system and return to the normal quiescent parasympathetic nervous system, and the body begins to heal. 
More than 95% of our daily activities and behaviour are governed by our subconscious, which is governed by the images of past events where trauma and core beliefs were formed. 
EFT and Matrix Reimprinting enables us to change these images and improve every aspect of our life. It's a quick and easy to learn technique that literally changes the environmental signals to which our bodies respond. 
Can Energy Therapies help You? 
Extensive scientific and clinical research is proving with increasing clarity that understanding the body / mind connection and the human energy field is the key to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Health lies in the ability to let go of destructive thoughts, memories and patterns of behaviour that deplete our vital life force and drain our energy and inhibit our natural ability to heal ourselves. Over 95% of dis-ease is caused by STRESS of one kind or another. 
A Typical EFT and Matrix Reimprinting session 
To see what happens in a typical EFT and Matrix Reimprinting session please watch the video above. Matrix Reimprinting is very effective in resolving traumatic memories often within one session. At the same time changing the related negative beliefs connected to these memories. By doing so, a vast array of physical and psychological symptoms can be alleviated. 
Matrix Reimprinting with Phobias 
Watch Karl use Matrix Reimprinting to help a Client overcome her phobia of frogs (above) 
Matrix future reimprinting: 
When your goals seem out of reach, these powerful quantum visual techniques give you the power to reconnect to yourself, heal any negative limiting beliefs that are holding you back,  
and reimprint them with supporting beliefs  
which will enable you to move into the future  
you desire with ease. Based on the scientific  
principles of Quantum Physics and the Law of  
Attraction, this program will transform you  
'from the inside out'! 
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