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Matrix reimprinting is very gentle and allows you to release a whole range of traumatic experiences, without being re-traumatized. 
It's Never Too Late To Have a  
Happy Childhood! 
Rewrite your past, transform your future 
Matrix birth reimprinting creates  
RAPID change 
Create the birth you always  
longed for. 

Matrix Birth Reimprinting 

It's Never Too Late To Have a Happy Childhood! 
I am also certified in Matrix Birth Reimprinting. This is a sub-speciality within Matrix Reimprinting 
These techniques can clear issues quickly and provide amazing results. 
How we come into the world can affect the rest of our lives and develop our beliefs and perceptions of the world. 
Our Mother and Father’s emotional and physical health affect our time in the womb, during birth and after the birth. The first 6 years of life determine who and where we are today. 
Traumatic births affect both the mother and the child. 
As in other issues and traumas in life, we can use EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to go back and support the child and mother and anyone else involved to have a new a new experience and belief system. With this technique we can recreate the birth to ensure that mother and baby are able to bond naturally. This can then have an effect on how you feel today and improve your perceptions, beliefs, relationships and self-confidence. 
Matrix Birth Reimprinting can help with problems such as: 
Effects of babies being separated from their mother. 
The loss of a twin in the womb. 
You may have feelings of being the wrong sex. 
Not being wanted. 
Feeling rejected by parents or other people in your life today. 
Not feeling good enough. 
Not feeling loved or lovable. 
Difficulty forming relationships with others. 
Feeling left out. 
Not feeling bonded with your parents or child. 
Perhaps you wish to improve the relationship you have with your parents today. 
Perhaps you had a traumatic time giving birth or being born. 
Had difficulty breast-feeding your baby. 
Are you exhausted and overwhelmed as a new mother? 
Is there anything about your birth that you wish you had done differently? 
Had feelings of being pressurised into a type of birth you did not wish for. 
The loss of a child. 
Fertility problems, problems conceiving. 
Fear of giving birth. 
Trauma from adoption or fostering (from the parent or child’s point of view). 
Always looking for something, but not feeling fulfilled. 
Low self esteem. 
Some Benefits of Matrix Birth Reimprinting: 
Improved relationship with parents and siblings. 
A feeling of belonging. 
A new calmness. 
Improved physical health, through improved emotional health. 
Improvement in fertility. 
Perhaps you have done lots of “self” work consciously, but with little improvement. 
Problems with conception and birthing process can lead to: 
Substance abuse. 
Eating disorders. 
Skin problems (eczema). 
Feelings of disconnection and separation. 
Mental disorders. 
High anxiety and worry. 
Feeling alone and unloved. 
Would you like to recreate and re-imprint your birth and have the birth you wished for? 
This can improve the relationship you have with you parents and children today. 
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