Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness  
that creates lasting freedom. 
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Would you be willing to release the limitations that are keeping you stuck? 
Your purpose is to be you and to fully allow you to be present all the time 
Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. 
Whatever your point of view is, that’s what you create! If you  
don’t like what’s showing up,  
change your point of view. 
Wherever you are, would you be willing to not be in judgment of you? 
Skype Counselling sessions  
Held from your home, office or any location of your choosing.  
Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and had no judgements of you?  
What else is possible from that space? 
Is it time for you to embrace the fullness of who you always were? 
Are you willing to believe in you, to commit to you? 
When you are ready, I can help you remember the person you truly are, as you listen to your inner guidance and align with your truth of who you are, you begin to move through your life with growing joy, purpose and sense of fulfilment. 
Skype counselling Can save you time and money, you won’t have the time and cost of travelling to and from the session, all you need is to close the door, switch on your computer, open Skype and there you are – your counselling session held from the comfort of your own home!  
(All you need is a good Wifi connection).  
''The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand  
and be understood the best way to understand people is to listen  
to them''  
Ralph Nichols 
Online counselling opens up this form of help for people who previously would find it difficult if not impossible to travel to a face-to-face meeting, maybe those who have restricted time, mobility or are housebound for any reason, live in remote areas, or do not have childcare, or perhaps feel drawn to work with a therapist who isn’t local to their area. Through Skype sessions I can work with people all over the country and people world wide! This is the excitement and wonder of this way of working! 
The relationship I offer is one of healing; Study after study shows that it’s the quality of the relationship between client and therapist that is the most important factor in client improvement, and this I know from personal experience throughout all of my work. The pain and internal wounds occurred in and through a relationship, and the healing too needs to happen through a relationship, yet one, which is healthy, healing and aware. 
I will always speak to you from a private room with the usual rules of confidentiality applying to what passes between us, the same as in a normal one-to-one therapy session. Payment is made 24 hours before the session, by a bacs transfer. 
So, it’s as easy as that… 
Awareness is choice, and empowers you to know what is true for you. As you become more aware of what is really limiting you, you can choose something different. 

I build on Clients strengths, as well as getting to the core of the issue. Clients report that their therapy effectively addresses their concerns and issues, whilst gaining greater self-awareness, and a clear understanding of themselves and their situations, and the ability to make real positive change in all areas of their lives. 

Thich Nhat Hanh says: Understanding is Love. This, along with Thich Nhat Hanh has inspired me greatly over my lifetime, and my life’s journey has been to study and learn, cultivating the skills to really see, hear and understand people, on a deep level; and of course this had to start with me understanding myself, and the healing that this understanding has brought me. When we feel understood, we feel loved, and accepted for our own uniqueness, and it’s through this acceptance that real healing occurs. There is much pain in not being seen, heard, and known for whom we truly ‘be’ and much discomfort and disconnection within, when we don’t know who we truly are. 
Mindfulness counselling helps you see your life differently, change unhelpful patterns & experience more choice. 
Your most welcome to call and we can arrange a conversation together and see if working with me resonates with you. 
Tel: 01453 763463 
Mob: 07903 667251 
Skype sessions are £35 for a one hour session 
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