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Is it time for you to embrace the  
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Are you willing to believe in you?  
To commit to you? 
Your purpose is to be you and to fully allow youself to be present all the time 
Start living the life that reflects  
your magnificence. 
If we were no longer in judgment, would there be a problem? 

Spiritual Counselling 

What is Spiritual Counselling? 

Spiritual counselling helps us to find our way home. Home to the truth of who we really are. Home to the peace, love and wisdom that is our true nature. Home to the experience of authenticity, purpose and wholeness. And we do this by healing the hurts, negative beliefs and stories that prevent us from living in our natural state of happiness and joy. For these wounds and stories are like clouds that form in front of the sun separating us from the light that is always there. 
Like all counselling methods spiritual counselling works on the simple, practical level of problem solving and learning how to transform the difficult issues we all have to deal with in our lives. It could be problems at work; or issues of confidence and self-esteem; challenges with your partner or family; or learning how to deal with fear, anger, grief or depression. Or maybe that we are troubled by something more subtle, an inner feeling of frustration or emptiness, the sense that we have somehow gone off track and lost our purpose, or the persistent feeling that something essential is missing from life. 
Whatever the immediate issue, spiritual counselling offers the tools and insights to help you not only to resolve it, but also to discover who you truly are. For, while ordinary psychotherapy concentrates only on the mind and the emotions, spiritual counselling also works on the level of the soul, by gently inviting us to reconnect to our true self and the source of our being - the great mystery we so often refer to as Universe/Source/God. 
In this way spiritual counselling not only helps us to fulfil our potential and live our lives in a way that is most satisfying and meaningful, it also leads us into an ever deeper experience of the wholeness that is our birthright. For the unbounded love, wisdom and truth of our divine nature is within us all along just waiting for us to discover it. 
As a Spiritual Counsellor I ground myself in the knowledge of our connection to the Universal Source as a means by which all healing takes place and hold this awareness for you. This allows you to explore, in a totally loving and accepting environment, the deep feelings that result from our sense of separation, such as grief, anger, depression, inadequacy, confusion, defensiveness and stress. 

Spiritual counselling will help you: 

Create a joyous, meaningful and authentic life 
Heal the negative beliefs and fears that prevent you from fulfilling your true potential 
Learn to be present with your feelings without judging or pushing them away so they can gently release and heal 
Witness your thoughts and beliefs in order to see whether they are really true and helpful 
Turn within and discover who you really are and what your soul's purpose is 
Access the wisdom of your inner guidance and learn how to make choices that are right for you 
Use meditation, visualisations and other spiritual practices to develop your own personal connection with the source of all  
Experience deeper and deeper levels of love, compassion, wisdom and happiness as you integrate your spiritual life into daily life 

The tools I use to help you. 

I work intuitively, using a combination of tools :  
Talk therapy 
Cognitive restructuring 
Light language 
Colour therapy 
Ancestral clearing 
Past life clearing 
Working in the matrix 
Energy work/healing 
Inner child work 
Sub-personality & parts work 
Shamanic illuminations 
Exploring patterning 
Regression work 
Guided visualisation 
Working with guides 
My key strength as a therapist is my capacity to hold a genuine space of unconditional love being able to attune and sense what my client feels and needs to move forward in their lives. I am open to a deeper soul level of understanding of the issues entangling us which takes work deeper, encouraging a meaningful friendship with our own body and a higher connection with our soul's purpose. I facilitate a space that sets in motion a client finding a greater perspective, balance and resilience to their lives. From this inner landscape we can begin to heal and anchor in more light. I provide the space for clients to release trauma and daily challenges as tools to our soul's unfolding. A safe space where we can integrate and heal our fragmented self, reclaiming all parts of ourselves. We also work to bring understanding to crucial processes like labelling, judgement and discernment, striving not to reject our thinking processes but transforming them into tools which help us redefine our choices. 
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