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New Women's Group in Barnstaple 
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Welcome to our Women's Group  

'Nurturing Soul' 
Supporting Women in a changing world 
Dear friends, 
A very warm welcome to our Nurturing Soul Group. This is a group for women who are passionate about Personal and Spiritual development. A group where we can nurture our own souls and come home to more of our authentic selves. 
If you want to feel more connected to your authentic self, and share that with others, in the spirit of joy, empowerment, freedom, spiritual growth and expansion, then this group is for you 
A person who is aware of himself is in a better position to predict and control his own behaviour.” – B. F. Skinner 
Coming Home to Who You Are 
Most of us learn, very early in our lives, how to please others. We design a persona; a way of portraying ourselves to others that we think will be Satisfactory to them. We probably began constructing this ‘false self’ in childhood, especially if it was not safe to be our authentic selves, just as we were, in our family. We may still be trying to fashion our behaviour to others liking. 
There is another alternative: we ourselves can become the audience that matters to us. 
That happens when we give up any attempts to get others to accept or love us. 
For example, suppose you remember being ridiculed for ‘asking too many questions’. Now you may still fear rejection if you inquire too deeply into people’s statements or behaviour. You may not give yourself permission to ask assertively for the information you want, acting as if you were still a child afraid of rebuke. Pull the childhood and adult experiences together and express the feelings that emerge: anger, sadness, fear, or all three. By allowing yourself this freedom of feeling, you reverse the original abuse and silencing. First, you show that you do not need anyone’s permission; second you show the feeling instead of hiding it; and third you let go of it by expressing it (instead of holding on to it by repressing it). 
You have then moved from being told by others what you should feel to telling others what you really feel: Thus you have claimed more of your authentic true self. 
Are you ready to to discover new truths about yourself and expand your self awareness? 
Alys, an experienced Counsellor and facilitator provides a safe, open atmosphere where you can grow, explore, and share the palpable experience of not being alone, through being part of something greater than ourselves
“We primarily grow as human beings by discovering new truths about ourselves and our reality.” – Steve Pavlina 
Becoming aware of our feelings and constructively dealing with them is crucial in the process of healing our inner child. 
People who grew up in troubled or dysfunctional families don't tend to get their needs met. Not getting our needs met hurts. We feel the painful feelings. Since some parents and other members of the family sometimes are unable to listen to us, to support us, and to nurture, accept, and respect us, we often have no one with whom we can share our feelings. The emotional pain hurts so much that we defend against them by various unhealthy ego defences, thus shutting the feelings out, away from our awareness. Doing so allows us to survive, although at a price. We become progressively numb. Out of touch with who we truly are. False. Co-dependent. Lacking awareness of our boundaries and limits. 
When we are thus not our Real Self, we do not grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Not only do we feel stifled and unalive, but we also often feel frustrated and confused. We can often find ourself in a victim stance (although we may not wish to acknowledge this) We may be unaware of our total self, and may feel as though the 'system' and the world are 'doing it to us' ie we are their victims at their mercy. 
A way out of this victim stance and its suffering is to begin to identify and to experience our feelings. An effective way to facilitate knowing and experiencing our feelings is to talk about them with safe and supportive people. Healing our patterns and ancestral patterning will help considerably - Having an awareness of boundaries and limits helps us discover who we are. Until we know who we are, it will be difficult to have healthy relationships, whether they may be casual acqaintences, friends, close relationships or intimate relationships. 
“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” – Gandhi 
Without Boundaries, it would be hard to define myself. Without them, it would be hard to know myself. Without boundaries, I may not feel that I have a Self. And without boundaries, I can't have a healthy self. So by being aware of and having healthy boundaries, I can define and know myself, know that I have a self, and have a healthy self. 
A key to our boundaries is knowing our inner life. Our Inner life includes our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, decisions, choices, and experiences. It also includes our wants, needs, sensations within our body, our intuitions and even unconscious factors in our life. If we are unaware of or out of touch with our inner life, we can't know all of our boundaries and Limits. When we are aware of our inner life, we can more readily know our boundaries. 
The actively co-dependent person tends to be fixed in either few or no boundaries, boundarylessness, or the opposite, overly rigid boundaries. And they often flip-flop between these. Because they focus so much of their attention outside of themselves, they tend to be less aware of their inner life, and thus less aware of their boundaries. 
Another key to having healthy boundaries is flexibility and adaptability. When we are able to be flexible and adaptable in any relationship - without being mistreated or abused - we can know ourselves in a deeper and richer way. And we can let go more easily into the experience of that relationship to enjoy both its fun aspects and its growth points. In our day - to- day experience we have many opportunities for growth. That growth includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of our awareness, experience and consciousness. Awareness of our boundaries helps us in that growth. 
If you are interested in accessing more of who you truly are, being part of a support group with other like-minded Women, in a safe environment of respect and acceptance, then please feel free to contact me for more information. 
We meet every Wednesday 10.30-12.45 pm  
Refreshments always include homemade cake. 
The group will be kept small so that everybody feels safe to share and grow. 
for more information about the group, please contact me. 
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